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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 22, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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♪ hi, everyone, i am beth troutman. take a look at the best videos from the web "right this minute." a young skier is four stories above the snow dangling from a chair lift. what happens when he can't hold on anymore as his buddy watches helplessly? >> there is nothing i could do. >> a 92-year-old leaves hospice so she can take a ride on -- >> one of those powered pair sureties. >> the amazing story grandma dorothy's last wish. a guy decides to try parkor, can he pull it off, an impulse move. >> why did he fall like that. >> a friday buzz word for your shot at an ipad mini and the
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first ever oscar road trip makes a pit stop at rig"right this minut minute". the reporters reveal details from the journey. >> has anyone done anything inappropriate with oscar? >> i was the first. >> this is a terrifying video for any parent to see. a few friends went skiing and watch what was caught on camera. >> oh. >> we are seeing from the view point from a friend's cell phone camera his buddy dangling and as you can see from the video he is high up in the air and in fact according to the poster of this video nearly 45 feet up in the air. >> how did he end up like this? were they horsing around? did he fall off the chairs? >> according to the poster he didn't pull down the safety bar which isn't required. you aren't required to pull that down. >> it is helpful? somehow got off balance and
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ended up flipping out of the chair. listen to the audio. his friend recording this can't wrap his mind around it. >> dude! >> you can see him dangling and trying his best to get back into it with force and you seeim then slide down the slopes. you do notice he is still moving once he finally comes to a stop. according to the poster of the video he suffered a concussion, a fractured skull, a collapsed lung and a lacerate they had to helicopter him to a local hospital. >> do you know how long he was hanging ? >> he was hanging on from pole 8 to pole 21. >> right th"right this minute" e we have the man that shot the video. welcome to the show. >> hi. >> how is your friend doing now? >> the accident happened on february 2nd. that was a saturday. he was out of the hospital the monday night after that.
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he is doing well now. >> how exactly did he fall from the chair? >> i am not exactly sure. i wasn't watching, but from what i have been told, sounds like he was throwing a snowball or getting snow off the snowboard. >> you think he made a full recovery from this. >> yeah, definitely. >> do you guys think you will hit up the slopes again after this accident? >> i will be. i haven't asked him. i am not sure about him. >> this is one of the worst nightmare things. we all worried about this and thought of this in a ski lift. >> if tissues are nearby, grab them. this might make you tear up a little bit. it is happy as well. who we're seeing in this video is 92-year-old grandma dorothy ellis. back in september she was in hospice care. she revealed to her family she had a dream. she wanted to fly in one of those powered parachutes. with the help of her family and her hospice nurse, check this
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out. family friend comes into the car, says you ready to fly, young lady. he picks her up, takes her to a powered parachute they have ready to go and keep in mind this is over kansas. dorothy, kansas, the connection there. >> did toto go for a ride. >> no but dorothy is strapped in, looking good for 92. you hear the song in the background, somehow over the rainbow ♪ somehow over the rainbow before you know it, grandma dorothy is off the ground flying over kansas. as i said this video is from back in september. it was just posted six weeks after this video was shot grandma dorothy did pass away. her family, her friends helped her accomplish one of her dreams. you see her come down here on the ground, perfect ride, you see the co-pilot, grandma
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dorothy and my favorite part here, you did it and she says yes, yes. if that's how you will remember your grandma, my grandma went out flying in a motorized parachute giving a thumbs up to the camera, awesome. the driver of the truck in this video is lucky to be alive. this happened in argentina. you notice that there is a train coming by and all of the traffic is stopped. notice on the lower left of the screen a truck is going to drive up as the train is going by. it is waiting. he is thinking i'm clear. >> oh, boy. oh, no. >> not clear. as soon as the train hit him, the front of the car burst into flames. the driver only suffered minor injuries, no one else was hurt. apparently this driver thought he was safe because that one train had passed. he couldn't see coming from the other direction hidden by the other train of the another train. >> the indicator is the other car on the other side of the tracks. you see that car not moving. you have to think something else
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may be coming. >> witnesses that saw the event say it was 100% negligence on the side of the driver. there had to be lights or something going off letting him know it is not okay to go. >> you know that first train wasn't that far gone at all. just a little patience, let it get down there. >> i want to be clear the coast is clear when a train goes by. >> train versus car, train wins every time. >> every time. >> the great rtm ipad mini give away is coming up in a bit. >> friday's buzz word and don't forget you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> stick with us for friday's buzz word. >> good luck, everybody. >> i showed you this video of the raging bull, remember, we found more footage with more angles and it shows you just how terrifying this ordeal really was.
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>> hands up, hands up. >> he is trying to undo that harness around the bull and grabbing him by the tail right where the legs are, too. >> as the cowboys are starting to get on top of the bull, screaming at each other and shouting instructions. look at this angle from afar. look at how people are scrambling to get out of the way while the cowboys jump to where the bull is. >> that angle shows you just how huge and powerful that bull is. they look like little specs of color. >> you see them opening the three doors that lead to the car part where they did lass owe and control him. it seems like there were no
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injuries and eventually they all got back to the rodeo and kept going. we have got close-up encounter with a grizzly bear. >> see what happens when a grizzly and a go pro meet. and a spectacular high speed pursuit. >> racing through the streets through a set of cafe chairs and tables. >> find out why this is no
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go pro cameras take us to places we have never been and show us things we have never seen. check this look out from skeleton writer nathan in park city, utah, and he is going down the icy, narrow, super slick track. he says he only got up to 70 miles per hour in this practice run. 70 doesn't sound like that fast. when you put yourself in a chute like this this is one of the most insane sports and it is an
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olympic sport. >> look at how they have the track covered. i can only imagine in case you fall off or fly off or get out of shape you don't go flying off the chute. he experiences up to five gs of sen trif gull force and says the pros average about 70 miles an hour and cop out about 80 miles an hour. essentially he is going slow here. >> and no protection except that little helmet. >> if he wrecks, the first thing that will hit is his face. scary and another unique view, a close up encounter with a grizzly bear up in alaska. chet thomas works at a fish hatchery and he sees bears all the time and sometimes 15 or more. he wanted a close up shot and put the camera near a path where the bears walk by and to his surprise he got these shocks. that is a bear claw you can't eat. now you know what it would feel like to be chewed up by a grizzly bear. look at the teeth.
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>> go pro survived this because we are watching the footage. >> rolls it around in his mouth and you see the camera and all full of bear saliva and stuff. >> and now you know how salmon feel. only going to say before you see this, nick, this is my gift to you. >> he is going to jump on. >> what you got are guys in an apartment and they see something going on in the apartment complex across the alley. they see a guy standing one floor up somewhere on this building and it looks like he is about to jump, like he is going to do something parkour. >> oh. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> trying to jump to the sun roof? >> let's see. >> do it, do it, do it. >> oh, boy. >> what was he trying to do? >> what the -- >> why did he fall like that? >> i don't think he was trying
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to climb in the sun roof. the sun roof is closed. you can tell by his foot it is not going down. >> he didn't even jump. it is like his feet were tacked to the roof there. it is like he was talking to the guy and like what did you say, i can't hear you, what, what, and leans over and fell. now you have a dented car and a smashed face. and a dent in your pride. >> why did he fall like that? >> in the slowest video yet, the slow-mo guys show us 18,000 frames per second. they are using the amazing fant only camera and they blow a bubble and use a stick to burst it. >> you know what is cool, you can see the bubble react to the air that the stick is pushing towards the bubble. that's crazy. >> and of course when the stick hits it, it breaks but you see the trajectory.
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it goes. it moves up. >> isn't it crazy? >> like a jelly fish or something. >> i like when you see the end of the top. you actually see all the little specks of water and the particles of water. this is cool. they blew a bubble and then tossed a bullet through it to see if gravity was faster than the speed at which the bubble pops. >> it popped before it ever got to the bottom. >> if i own a weird night club, i would have a bunch of videos playing of their stuff in slow motion in the background because people would -- >> that would be cool. mesmerized. >> it is a video of the baby whale that is putting a big smile on the web. >> look at that. these people are putting their hand in this giant mammal's mouth. >> oh, they're rubbing like his teeth. >> on the next "right this minute." still to come, amazing video of the best female rock climber in the world. >> how do you become the world's
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best climber? >> meet the champ that climbed her way to the top and find out. >> you are thinking about how you are going to grab the next hold. >> and you want it, we got it, friday's buzz word, that is. stick around for your chance to
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you guys are looking at video of the best female rock climber in the world. this is sasha dejulian and she
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is at this moment only 20 years old. she became the world's best climber at the young age of 18. >> how do you become the world's best climber? who says that you are the best? >> you compete. there are competitions for rock climbers and she wins them. now, another way that you become the best female climb inner the world, you successfully climb the hardest route ever achieved by a woman. >> oh, my god. no way. dude! i am so stoked. look at my hand. >> "right this minute" via skype from new york we have sasha dejulian. what route is the most difficult route? >> the hardest that has ever been achieved by a woman in the world is a 9a, also known as a 14d, and i was the third woman in the world to achieve this grade. the first woman in north america to climb this grade as well. >> what do your hands look like?
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do you have like a manicure, a bunch of calluses? >> you wouldn't want to hold my hand. they're quite leathery. >> what makes you so passionate about doing this? >> i started after my brother's birthday party when i was seven at a local climbing gym, and i am not sure what exactly it was that helped me so much, whether it was just moving upwards and having complete control of my motion or maybe being better than my brother that day. >> describe what you're feeling when you are out there dangling from these rocks. >> when i am climbing i am so into the movement. i think that is my favorite part about climbing is that everything kind of fades away into the existence and you are slowly existing in this realm of movement where you think about your next move, the next sequence and not thinking about falling. are you thinking about how you will grab the next hold, where you will place your foot and how you will move upwards.
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the car chase seen in a million different movies looks cool and you can do-it-yourself in miniature. >> always awesome. >> this is a youtube channel final cut, king, they have a whole city built out of cardboard boxes and a couple of guys drifter guys with the mustang rc cars racing through the streets. here is a mini helicopter that takes off. they rise up over the building. you see the helicopter. through a set of cafe chairs and tables. >> look at the attention to detail. >> right. >> i am mesmerized. it really does look like an actual city, like an urban landscape. >> evencardboard buildings they good job and it is really well done. that always appears, you crash through the barriers. >> the end scene is pretty funny. check it out.
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>> no. are you kidding me? they be they got really run over by a real van. >> lots of neat stuff in the behind the scenes video as well. if you want to see that go to "right this minute".com and click on best. >> let's end the week by giving away a free ipad mini. >> you need friday's buzz word and you have to be 18 or old to her enter. >> when we give you the buzz word, head over the facebook page. go to the first post and top on the mobile link. >> all righty. here it is, the friday buzz word is dance. head on over to right this minute and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter the dance for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. the oscar road trip rolls into "right this minute" before the big show. we have oscar and his crew to tell us about life on the road. >> does this make this oscar the
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♪ general amarbles, one of the popular bloggers on the internet has a video blog of her annoying her dog. she starts with a foreign object like a used paper towel roll. i feel like jenna may have been running out of things to blog about on this day. >> i have a feeling that is in fact the truth. now she starts padding.
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>> my dog loves this. >> there is cute dogs. >> they are. >> look at them. they are adorable. she is like hiding food on them. >> that's not annoying, that's exciting. >> and the airplane turning the dog into the airplane or playing with it like it is a sloth and making it sit like a human. >> they're not annoying. they're just wondering what is wrong with her? do we have to call the psychiatrist. >> i like the dog shaming like putting annoying signs on the dog and then you pet too hard. >> gets them every time. >> very taxing day of being absolutely tortured. >> probably know by now the academy awards are happening this weekend. oscar has been on a 21-day road trip. along with comedians angie greenup and glen lee, they have been stopping in places all across the country and drumming up the hype and getting people excited about the oscars and guess where they are today?
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guess where they are "right this minute"? here. [ cheers and applause ]. >> oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar! >> tell me about it. oscar. >> woo-hoo. >> wow. welcome. >> over here. >> take my seat. >> yes. >> angie, ben, you have been on a 21 day tour with oscar. tell us about some of the highlights, some of the amazing stuff that you guys have done. >> one highlight for sure is seeing you in person. >> does this make this oscar the most fondled oscar in history. >> we don't use fondled we used
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caressed sexually. >> you can't fondle him. >> it is nice and firm. >> has anyone done anything inappropriate with oscar. >> i was the first. >> and shot it. >> who is the most famous person to hold this oscar? >> i have so many people to thank at the moment. ♪ in the world >> i love you, oscar. >> been dating for three weeks now. how is it going. >> it is great. >> what is the craziest thing that happened on the road besides richard simmons petting your face. >> i think the wedding. we crashed a we hadding with oscar and got invited by the bride earlier in the day and saw her doing something with the bridesmaids and jumped in and she is like come to my wedding and, okay, we did. >> i don't think they meant it. >> what happened this weekend, things to duly in l.a. and we're
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bringing this to the fans in the bleachers along the red carpet at the oscars. >> you can follow oscar up to the big ceremony by following ben and angie on twitter and by going to >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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